Convert Samsung Korean S2 [SHW-M250S/K] into International Version of Samsung Galaxy S2 [I9100]

 ******** WARNING: Try the below mentioned things & method at your OWN RISK. I am not responsible for anything you do. Its a working method. I am not responsible if you break, brick or damage your device. :P ) *********
Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great well known smart phone by Samsung. For its reasonable price, powerful hardware and continuous software support from Samsung; S2 still shines as recommended device in the market.
So comes to our point,
There are a few variants in S2, but well known are the international version [I9100] and some Korean models are also there. The Korean models are exactly same as the international version except an antenna.

Restrictions in Korean S2

  • Language and keyboard type are in Korean Language
  • SMS restriction for only 60 characters
  • Many manufacturer bloat wares (such as t-applications…etc)
  • Many unwanted irremovable soft wares.

So, converting a Korean model into an International model is worth a shot. After converting, your phone’s interface & OS will exactly be like International version. So let’s get started.

I assume your firmware version is any of an ICS rom. (Ice cream sandwich 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 whatever)

Things to DOWNLOAD First...
1. Install Kies from Samsung website, after completing installation, exit kies. (Make sure KIES is not running while the converting process)
2. Download Odin from here
3.  Download an international version of ICS rom.  (extract this after downloading)
4.  Download PIT file from here


1.  Reboot your phone into download mode [Press volume Down+Home key+Power button] and connect the phone to PC

2. Open Odin and there is a button “PIT”, click it and select the downloaded PIT file there.

3. Now click the PDA option, browse and select the downloaded ICS firmware

4. In Odin, tick Repartition, auto reboot & f.reset time .

5. Now hit start to start flashing the firmware.


Be patience till it finishes, once everything is completed your phone will reboot with Galaxy S2 I9100 Logo. Voila, you have converted your phone into the International version. ENJOY!

  1. If you are on a korean Jellybean rom, then download an international Jellybean firmware to flash in the converting process instead of ICS
  2. IF you don't want to lose your old applications and settings, then uncheck the "repartition" option. (But if the flashing fails again & again, then tick it again & flash)
  3. After successfully completing the conversion process, you can update your phone to Official Jellybean version as well. 

Now that you have converted your phone to International version of S2 I9100. At this point you might be (or might not, It happens only to a few) experiencing a lock screen problem & no power key option problem.

Follow the steps to solve the problem.

Now that after conversion, you have your phone on ICS 4.0.4 which is older. Now we are going to flash the Official original Jellybean 4.1.2. It's an easy process.
Download the Jellybean firmware from here

  • Extract the zip file to get the Jelly Bean firmware
  • Now flash the firmware via odin like we did earlier. ( Only select PDA in Odin, As the phone is already converted to International version, U don't need to select & flash PIT file again)
Now that your phone is updated with Jellybean. 

Now we have a few steps left to fix the lock screen problem. 

  • Download the following file.
After that,  
  • Put the previously downloaded file on your external sd card
  • Boot into stock recovery (volume up key + home button + power key)
  • Now you will enter the stock recovery., There;
  • Select "apply update from external storage".
  • Now select the file you copied in previous step
  • Now reboot the phone
Now you have rooted your phone. There is now only 1 step left to fix the lock screen problem. 

  • Download this file (password is: lankatechbuzz)

Now switch on your phone and install the downloaded program. It is Root explorer.

1. Using Root Explorer navigate to the following folder;  /efs/imei
2. Press left soft key > Create a new file as "keystr"
3. After creating the file, press and hold it & Open it in text editor and write "ON"
4. Set permissions to rwx rwx rwx (to set, press & hold the keystr file & select permissions and set all to rw)
5. Reboot

Now the problem is Solved. ENJOY YOUR INTERNATIONALS2