Cloud computing is the technology of computing which is totally based on the internet media. With the help of this ethnology many servers can offer applications and resources and information to the computer and devices attached on request with the control of electricity grid. It can be called as the service architectures or virtualization for improving the utility of the computational techniques. Whole system is service oriented and customer focused. Complete detail is taken from the customer and delivers the service according to the need. The main idea of cloud computing is based on the cloud that is specifically designed for the processing each related device is present in this cloud of network. Could computing remains invisible to the customers’ .They only have to pay for their resource that they use in cloud computing services.

How cloud computing works :-

Cloud computing involves the multiple cloud components that communicate with each other wit the help of application interfaces mostly web services. UNIX operating system follows the same theoretical techniques for its tasks. The task complexity is divided into all the components making balanced and manageable results. The two most important components of the back end and front end .the front end is the interfaces or the main screen that is visible to the customers and users through which they interact with the system. This interface can be browsed with the help of web browsers and all the applications can be used with this interface. Usually this interface is GUI based.

The back end involves all the components and the complete architecture and programming technique of cloud computing that is totally remains hidden from the users. Only system known what is going one at the back of very user request. The back end device involves, cloud server, Assistant computers, Data storage media and many connectors.

Historical background

The very first concept for the cloud computing was given by the John McCathy in 1960s.he first gave the statement for the future use of computational techniques as a public utility. With the arrival of the Virtual private networks this concept which was modernized in 1966 took implementation shape .in year 2007 the most famous organization such as Google ,IBM and may universities world wide started research program on cloud computing and finally in 2008 the first cloud computing system was introduced.

Advantages of the cloud computing :-

1)Agile functionalities :- Cloud computing enables user to frequently use the technological resource at inexpensive price.

2)Application interface fro users :- Another great feature plus advantage of cloud computing system is the accessible and reliable interface for its users API technology make it more interesting for the users to interact with the human beings.
3)Cost effective :- This computing techniques greatly reduce the total cost and capital expenses that come sin arranging the infrastructure .integrated resources are available at almost no cost to the third party users.

4)Geographical independence of system and devices :- The most exciting feature of the cloud computing is its total geographical independence. Its users can access the system from the web browsers any where in the world at any time.

5)Multi and large application pool :- Large application pool is available for the users.

6)Reliability :- improved design versions of many redundant website have efficiently increase the performance and suitability of cloud computing more useful.

7)Security :- Security is at the one level above as compared to the other networks because of the centralization of data and increased security feature of very individual component.

8)Maintenance :- Cloud computing systems are flexible and easy to maintain because components can be added and deleted from the infrastructure.